Gov. Mike Huckabee speaks at the College of Biblical Studies
“Sin isn’t big enough to snuff out God’s Gospel,” remarked Governor Mike Huckabee as he addressed more than 700 attendees at the 2015 Scholarship Banquet for the College of Biblical Studies. He encouraged Christians to confidently take the light of Christ into the deepest, darkest places in our city. Governor Huckabee also shared his personal testimony and his commitment to Christ. 
Steven Holloway - Student Spotlight
College of Biblical Studies' Alumnus, Steven Holloway is passionate about Houston’s troubled youth. Through his own personal experiences, he knows firsthand how good kids can go bad. He’s standing in the gap for Houston’s children and families. 
Pres. Bill Blocker, "College of Biblical Studies cares about Houston"
Is there still hope for Houston? Dr. Bill Blocker, President of the College of Biblical Studies rallies Christians to boldy stand and join the College in transforming our city, our neighborhoods and our families. Will you join with us? For more information about the College, visit us at

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The College of Biblical Studies provides biblically based education for the body of Christ, with a primary focus on African-Americans and other ethnic minority groups; and equips its students with a biblical worldview for Christian service to the church and to the world.

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